The AIPP Event – 2013

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Tasmania to take part in the Nikon AIPP (The Australian Institute of Professional Photography) EVENT 2013. It was 4 days of keynote speakers, workshops, seminars and fun social events. I am still digesting everything I heard, saw and experienced. I made new friends; met people who I have been chatting with on the net and finally had the opportunity to meet face to face. There were goosebump moments after listening to some pretty amazing keynote speakers.

The uniquely wonderful Jennifer Hudson was mesmerising to sit and listen to. She spoke so humbly of her influences and thought processes in the creation of her amazing fine art pieces. You can see in her images her belief of taking “your own experiences and translating it.” The skill to then put these experiences on paper is the challenge.

Bella West was another highlight. She spoke of the consideration of narrative in images. Something which I hope to to capture more and more in my own journey in portraiture photography. Just take a look at her classic portraiture and stunning black and white images.

Michael Kenna also kept us entranced as he discussed his work, the places his visits and shoots over and over again. He used words like calm, shrouded, isolated to convey the feelings of the locations he experiences and the messages his images share.

We had some hands on fun at the Rocco Ancora workshop and were privileged to watch his process in shooting weddings.

Then there was the crazy boat ride to Bruny Island for Richard Bennett’s workshop! Lucky me got to sit in the very front as we smashed through none-to-calm swell, driving rain and bitingly cold wind. Thank goodness for the (and very attractive) head to toe wet weather poncho! We did get to see dolphins, a sea eagle and some seals lazily frolicking in the water, all before sipping hot soup and cooking fish on the beach and watching Richard and Jill at work. Their book “Food from the edge of the world” was worth the investment. I just wish I had a rocky beach to pop down to and throw a fish in the coals!

There may have been some fun social gatherings involving local cider, wine, hysterical laughter, crazy dancing  and inappropriate instagramming. For another time perhaps 😉

For now, I will leave you with WAY TOO many images. They paint a better picture than my ramblings can.

The EVENT 2013


The EVENT 2013


6 thoughts on “The AIPP Event – 2013

  1. Love, love, loved looking at these! I smiled, I laughed, I felt sick remembering the boat ride to Bruny with a hangover. It was even more fabulous to meet you! Much love Kim xxx

  2. Dude! Love it. It makes me feel so sad that it is all over. An epic 10 hours pub session, incredible breakfast location, great chats and even better groping. Who wouldn’t love that!?!?! 😉 What an amazing time we had!!!! I NEED that image of me in the blue jumper, would you be so kind to watermark that bad boy and send me?

  3. Man……You have totally gone and blown my rep as a serious artist Hope. I was keeping under wraps the 10 hour pub session and the inappropriate groping and you have just gone and blown it all. Image coming your way love (I mean dude…).

    PS….how is the knee? synagogs & double decker buses are hazardous for your health.

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