Canberra Wines-Road Trip

In my spare time I like to travel with good friends to discover the surrounding countryside, find good food and wine, talk about zombies and get away from the day to day grind. We are unbelievably lucky here in the Canberra region because we have 40+ wineries with-in easy driving distance.

We recently stumbled across Barton Estate on one such day-trip. Boy were we glad we did! Not only did we discover some awesome wine to add to our summer sipping collection, but some pretty fantastic reds to cellar for a few years (aka our spare room cupboard). We did hear a great story for creating a home-made cellar involving a septic tank! Among the other highlights was hearing the story behind some of the wine names and meeting Marty the dog! Here he is  graciously posing between the barrels for me.

If you ever find yourself with a gorgeous sunny day and needing to have an adventure- head out to the wineries with some friends and try out our cool climate wines. There’s plenty of delish food try and I stocked up on heaps gifts to use as stocking fillers.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tracy xxx

Where we went

Barton Estate

Poachers Pantry

Murrumbateman Winery

 Y&J-Nov-wine-1Y&J-Nov-wine-9 Y&J-Nov-wine-7 Y&J-Nov-wine-8Y&J-Nov-wine-21 Y&J-Nov-wine-22 Y&J-Nov-wine-16 yasgeoffwine2013002 Y&J-Nov-wine-15 - Copyyasgeoffwine2013003yasgeoffwine2013001 Y&J-Nov-wine-44 Y&J-Nov-wine-39 Y&J-Nov-wine-38 Y&J-Nov-wine-32 Y&J-Nov-wine-33 Y&J-Nov-wine-30 Y&J-Nov-wine-14 Y&J-Nov-wine-12 Y&J-Nov-wine-10  yasgeoffwine2013005 yasgeoffwine2013004Y&J-Nov-wine-41

For those who recognise these Crazy Cats and want to see the behind the behind the scenes shenanigans- email me for the password to this video. It’s guaranteed to make you giggle 🙂


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