Have you got a morning routine?

Since I started working from home, I am yet to really get into a proper morning routine. I know how important it is to start the day properly and have a routine, especially if you want to be productive. I came across Courtney Carver’s 5 Ways to reclaim your mornings.

Winter Resilience Mini Retreat

Here are Courtney’s 5 suggestions. I am challenging myself to begin introducing these into my daily routine.

1. Gratitude stretch. Before you get out of bed, think of three things you are grateful for. Say them out loud or to yourself as you stretch your arms overhead and your toes to the end of the bed.

2. Drink water first. Instead of coffee or tea, or even breakfast, drink a big glass of water. Then decide what comes next.

3. Ignore email. Take a mini digital sabbatical for your first hour awake. Without the distraction of Facebook updates or email from your boss, you can start your day on your own terms.

4. Go outside. Start your day with fresh air, and sunshine on your face.

5. Go inside. Sit quietly and reflect, meditate, or pray your way. After a few minutes, ask this question, “How am I?” Then listen and answer. That may lead to more questions and answers, but taking the time to ask yourself is really helpful, or at least it has been for me.

Do you have a good morning routine?

I’d love to hear what you do that helps to kick start your day!


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