Meet Tommen

“I will not claw the couch, I will not break pot plants, I will not freak the dog out, I will not shed my hair on newly vacuumed floors, I will not drink water from the human’s cups”

… Said no new kitten EVER

It started with this advert on PET RESCUE listings. I saw Tommen (yes- he was named for the Game of Thrones character by his foster carer) & my heart melted.

Suddenly Mr.M & I found ourselves heading down to meet him, then this happened….

Tracy Lee Pets cage

He came home with us 🙂

Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets


This guy was not sure what was going on. But don’t worry, we are giving him extra love & LOTS of cuddles.

Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets

Then this happened – First contact….

Tracy Lee Photography  I  Our Pets

I think it was true love from first bottom sniff.

Now I have two office assistance’s who really are pretty lazy & I am seriously thinking of firing them both!

Tracy Lee I-phone pets.2jpg

Both my gorgeous pets have come from Pet rescue and the RSPCA. We always shop at the BEST PET STORE EVER as they are a local independent and family owned pet store. And are seriously the NICEST people EVER!

Look at what their website has to say…


We pride ourselves in being an ethical pet shop. We continue to raise awareness and funding for endangered species such as orangutans, sumatran elephants ,tigers and rhinos and sponsor forest rehabilitation.

  • We are involved with dog and cat rescue from local and NSW pounds
  • Stock a large range of super premium dog food
  • Specialise in high energy dog stimulation toys and helpful hints to curb that energy
  • Supply a large range of products for dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, and more!
  • Enquire today about our free pet seminars!

We’re passionate about pets, come and be passionate too!

Getting a rescue pet is the best feeling ever. I can’t imagine not having my old 12 year old George lab x, and to think he was destined for euthanasia because the family who bought him as a cute puppy from a pet store didn’t want him anymore. He has the sweetest nature & is great company.


Tracy xxx

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11 thoughts on “Meet Tommen

  1. Thanks for the cute stories I had a chuckle at “love at first bottom sniff” I love Tommen’s black paws!!! Your photography is outstanding and I will hire you for when my new family arrives for some great photos xxxx love Yas

  2. So adorable. I have a rescue cat too, his name is Porridge and he’s super awesome. He’s well and truly the boss of our three dogs 🙂

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