Bye Bye

A night out to say goodbye to my dear buddy Katrina from Katrina Edgar Photography. She’s off to Brisbane soon on another adventure.

I have had a few adventures with these ladies!

Tassie Adventure

Thanks for the laughs girls!

ByeByeK-89 ByeByeK-90 ByeByeK-91ByeByeK-97 ByeByeK-92 ByeByeK-93  ByeByeK-95 ByeByeK-96

Oh my – and just to embarrass them even more. Here’s the lost files from the Nikon Event earlier this year.

Tracy Lee storyboard001 storyboard004 storyboard002 storyboard003 storyboard006 storyboard007 storyboard008 storyboard011 storyboard012 ByeByeK-97 storyboard010 storyboard005 storyboard009




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